Student Entrepreneurs


There is a talk among the present generations that the most of the successful entrepreneurs are either successful dropouts or either had a tragedic academic background. Is this true ?Let us explore.

While we think of the word “Entrepreneurs “ the first thing that comes tour mind are people who think out of the box .An entrepreneur has certain qualities which makes him different from others such as thinking creatively to solve a problem, taking the initiative, being personally and socially responsible. The past year holds a remarkable milestone in the extension of the business incubation and entrepreneurship to the Indian student community .In western countries this concept has started 8-9 years ago .The past year we saw the rising up of many startups in our country.

The government is also providing support to these activities funding to develop incubation centre’s in the Indian universities as well providing the creative and innovative minds to ignite. Many private universities like Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham had developed Business Technology Incubation centre’s with around 7 patents and more than 25 projects for the up liftment of the rural community providing solutions.

Some of the successful student startups include paperless receipts from the winners of the Barcelona mobile app challenge which is owned by CEO and co Founder Prashant R a fifth semester ECE student from Bangalore. The paper less receipts received a lot of appreciation from the incubation contests and also bagged many medals but the major problems they faced was the issues getting investors which led to the fall of the company.

Student Entrepreneurs face a lot of problems in the present world. The present world has become so blind that when a child is born he/she is being labeled as doctors or engineers .They don’t care what the child’s deeper mind thinks ,what is his/her creative qualities, the innovative path he would like to lead inorder to bring about a social and technological change in the society may be using any of his aesthetic senses it may either through particular innovation of technology, or may be through musical fusion skills etc.A majority of the present generation of youth are travelling in the path of engineering tons and tons of engineering graduates pass out each day. Actually what do graduates gain after the rat race for CGPA craving books day and night forgetting them after the exam again mugging new books ,they don’t think how beautifully the can change the world with a slight variation in the way they think .This case is true with 99.0% of the engineering graduates which ever branch they belong a majority of them  get into it and destroy their creativity ending up non creative jobs in front of the computers in the IT sector where they survive up to early forty’s in which majority are thrown  out and rest who manage to stay tight regret for the decisions throughout their life.

The talents of Student Entrepreneurs are buried in the life race to get a decent income to uphold a good economic status in their early twenties and to lead a good family life from these non creative jobs which squeeze them for each penny given which would change the country’s vision of a generation of steel nerves to a generation of old men and women at early forties.

But there are extraordinary people like Steve jobs ,Mark Zukerberg ,Bill Gates who manage to think differently whose views are not just what syllabus prescribes but they do learn things not for the C.G.P.A due to their passion towards the subjected their dedication to make lives simpler with their knowledge and present knowledge for a better tomorrow.

These people undergo many ups and downs in their lives but they never leave their dreams. The undergo heavy pressure in their student life they live on a belief that once their dream would come true and once they would reach the place they dreamt .Thomas Elva Edison was a very influential Entrepreneur, before discovering or the invention of bulb he had 99 failures but he never gave up his experiments but he told that each time his experiments failed he learned about a new mistake which he wouldn’t repeat.

The present education system has greater role in suppressing Student Entrepreneurs. The extent of pressure they undergo is very huge.

Now let us move on what the present Entrepreneurs have to say about the problems they faced

“I was not a good academic student in my college .I was always behind the things that fascinated me the most. I was an ECE student I was actually very fascinated by the various programs in computer science engineering I always went on learning new computer languages. I loved coding and started developing apps and one of my apps got selected in the incubation contests and now here I am a successful Student Entrepreneur but in this journey I suffered a lot and still after affects are persisting .Actually I didn’t find any interests in my electronic subjects which awarded me an year back and you know the situation when your parents know about this  I really went through a very hard time still know when I see people of my college taking pride in my works I lost certain things in my life.”

Says Rahul a successful Student Entrepreneur.

We could get an interview of Ishank Joshi CEO of BidTech, App bags who gave the pleasure of sharing his journey Entrepreneurship which he started in his college days. He was a person like many who was forced to join engineering due to a huge pressure from his parents’ side. He actually discovered that more than a techy, his aspirations and talent was towards marketing. He nurtured these skills and started as an intern for National geographic channel.

“I was put into a group of people with a task of publicizing the Junior Science Talent Hunt where I got a lot of opportunities to learn, go to schools spread the message, do talks related to science. The event was a success and we got around 4 lakh participations around the country. At this point of time I was entering my journey of Entrepreneurship started my journey visiting Entrepreneurship summits where I got a chance to meet big shot entrepreneurs where I met the founder of a job consultancy startup. I had an interaction with him and I put a word with him that in two years I would create a campus job consultancy service which would transform into such a height that he would call him to merge with the successful startup. I didn’t know this single sentence could change my life forever. I stared my campus job consultancy and within 6 months I lost an amount of three lakhs  which I had earned through interns and also combining my college fees now I had literally come to the verge of devastation. But I didn’t stop from this failure I always thought that each time you fail you learn something new . I am a big fan of Steve Jobs his theories always guided me through my life. One of his most influential theories which I always speak wherever I go “STAY HUNGRY STAY FOOLISH”. This theory has a very deep meaning.”

Says Ishank joshi

Now Mr. Joshi is the founder of 3 successful startup companies  as well as he has trained over 15,000 Entrepreneurs in the past two years .People never know how a small spark of idea can change their lives.

India is a land of opportunities and more and more packages have been allotted by the government in order to bring out startups and encourage native ventures also adding to make in India initiatives. This present time is the apt time for young Entrepreneurs to come up who constitute the pillars of progress of the nation.