A Journey Through the Life of An IITian

This write up is the experience which every engineering student must be a part of atleast once in their lifetime.My journey to IIT and the background didn’t start in a day or two it took me three months to get my steps at this great institution.Everything started in the month of February when IITs started rolling out applications calling out for summer interns.It was hit and trial sort of process I started applying with my resume to all the IITs , got help from my teachers in the department making a Statement of Purpose(SOP) which played a crucial role in my selection for the internship.

Then started the days of filling forms for bonafide getting permissions checking out the notifications daily meeting the deadlines in uploading the documents.Soon the days  passed by it was end semester time it had been three months since the application was submitted,I probably get a mail from the coordinator of the summer internship department of EEE,IIT Guwahati asking to confirm my willingness for the summer internship program.Now was the beginning of my problems so thinking about IIT Guwahati located in the north-east part of the country ,one of the instituions of national importance,was giving me an offer and on the other side were the distance it was roughly 48-50 hrs from Bangalore and the availability of tickets is always a problem, then the next thing which came to my mind was the about the extremist tensions by the ULFA which used to be in the news.I had a very short span of 5 days to take my decision and all these happenings were during the study holidays,you find yourself in a very busy schedule.

Atlast I decide to give my positive consent and my name was published on the list and was assigned to Dr.M.K.Bhuyan Associate Professor Dept of EEE IITG.Usually IIT professors are so busy that its hard to get an email reply from a professor.So I decided to do a research about my professors profile,initially I couldn’t find anything much on IITG website, then I googled him and there it was revealing that he was one of the elite professor at IIT to be awarded National Innovation Award from the Honourable President of India for his funded project by Govt. of India Dept. of ICT and Department for disabled. This boosted up my eagerness to reach out and work at IITG.

Soon the days passed by with heat of the exams,Now I had five days at home before boarding my flight to Guwahati. But this week had more surprises waiting,I had to undergo a dental surgery and my doctor put a question straight forward can this trip to IITG be postponed to next year or could it be dropped out?This was unexpected and my answer was this was an opportunity which I could get like only in third year of Engineering and requested to get the surgery to be done in 4 days and to my luck it so happened that doc agreed to do the procedure in four days and fifth day I was at the Bengaluru domestic Airport waiting for my flight.

A new dawn ready looking forward for a whole new and different experience ahead I board the Indigo 6E flight and take off exactly at 7a.m. we covered the distance in a time of 2 hrs 50 mins around 10:30 the Hungarian captain announced the descend and while the aircraft was lining up with the runway I could get a glimpse of the city with a mighty river flowing through its heart ,I got the guess that it would be the sorrow of Bengal the mighty Brahmaputra,within 10 minutes we touched down the aircraft doors opened up and the  view was something different from what I saw at Bengaluru airport.Bengaluru had well furnished lounges with wifi connectivity.Here I gotdown through the ladders attached and I the first thing I saw was that a Royal Bhutan Air taxing to the runway,I noticed that  the airport was so small and underdeveloped.

Some of the local family friends who lived in Guwahati had terrified me with news only to catch prepaid taxies and had warned me against the robbery and the fraud ,so I decided to take a prepaid taxi to IIT G.I got out and a driver escorted me to vehicle parking at a distance there was a bright sunshine the vehicle were not that clean nor maintained I got in and started my way from airport to campus.I had great realization that the traffic rule in Guwahati are for name sake and neither the traffic police nor the drivers gave attention to it.The were a lack of signals on the road all I could find were traffic police men in white dress trying to control the traffic with hand signals.My cab driver was just speeding up above 60 on the city roads without seat belt.This time I decided to take a look at the view outside the window I could find lush greenery with single storeyed buildings the roads were broad eventhough the sides of the roads were underdeveloped the roads were so well maintained.The geographic location of IIT itself is so serene located away from the commotion of the city on the banks of Branhmaputra,to reach the campus we had to cross a bridge while crossing the bridge you get to know the stretch of the river it is so mighty and flows at intense speeds,within another 20 minutes I was at the main gate of IIT guwhati.The first view I saw three pillars in between the gates were the name IITG was inscribed in three languages-Hindi,Assamese,English.The security stopped us at the security point and after verifing the documents allowed the cab inside,the cab entered through the Suryamukhi path now I was entering one of the most beautiful IIT campuses the campus is spread over acres of land it took my cab another 5 minutes to reach Dihing hostel.When I got down at Dihing hostel there was no warden there were security personel who guided me through towards the allotted room.This way I made my way to room 152 single seater room this was gona be my place, the room had a table ,chair,cot and an almara.

I was too hungry since I boarded flight in morning it had been afternoon so I decided to make my way into the Brahmaputra hostel mess ,the mess food was too good with affordable rates it looked more as a restaurant,this was the first day at IITG  it was tiring just got hold of the bed.The second was my first day at campus I had lots of job to do.I got my first schok at morning 4 o clock.I woke by the sunlight penetrating through the windoe as if it was 8 o clock,then I realised that I ws practically experiencing the theory that Sun rises first in the East.All set got ready had breakfast thought to take a walk I didn’t know the distance from hostel to Academic I could see all the people roaming around in cycles there were lot of cycle there were majority of cycles than motorised vehicles on road.I had to walk around 30 minutes to reach the department met my professor and he handed over me a printed instruction manual and gave me an internet userid and password.Thats it I was assigned a lab which is open from 9:00 a.m to 5:30 pm.

This was a challenge I was supposed to learn a new subject called Image processing on my own  and and implement different algorithms on MATLAB.The contact with the professor for queries was only through prior email appointments.Here I was at my own foot with all the best infrastructure around ,there was a library building with attached net centre which opened up at 8:00 in the morning till 12:00 midnight,I had never seen such a massive dedicated building the library had 3 floors with a basdement fully centrally airconditioned.The steps lead to the library and as you climb up you can see CCD on the right corner of the library.

The days passed by each day on an average I used to walk 6 k.m to 12 k.m.The first week I went through the basics of the course to my luck I had Coursera to save  me there were courses run by the NorthWestern University.As the weeks passed I started implementing programs on MATLB.The atmosphere at IIT is way too different than any other place you can see people moving out in shorts and tshirts inside the academic block and you are free to work till anytime even till the next morning in the labs.The thing which sets IITs apart from other colleges is the amount of freedom and open mind-set of the IITians.they have the best infrastructures and the self exploration is one of the key success of these instituions.The place is pretty safe you can encounter atleast one security guarg patrolling on cycles in every 5 mins.

I got a couple of friends at IITG Rijaz,Aswin,Ishaan,Taslish,Jayakrishnan,Jijo,Harish ,Rishi & many more who were framing the new circles of friendship.I had a pretty good support from these guys.Now it eas time to explore the beauty of Northeast so we 6 people rented a cab and set out our journey targeting Meghalaya,Shillong,Cherapunji.Meghalaya was a different state with the Khalsi range of hills and you could see the police men dressed up in Navy blue uniforms.The language spoken in this region is khalsi and you could see even these people tried to print their language in English eg. State bank of India was printed as State bank ka Ra.Meghalaya and Shillong are beautiful places with climates changing in seconds,this is the place where mountains,waterafalls and clouds meet together.We had a visit to the mighty Elephant falls ,Waha kaba falls,old Caves were a person could barely move in through the passage.We also had an adventureous trekking of about 11.5kms(14599 steps) to the double decker living bridge.indeed it was a changing experience through the souvenirs of the north-east. The way beack you could see army trucks moving out from the headquarters of Assam rifles with the tagline the first contact in Dhaka reminding of the historic win of Indian army retaliating against the formation of East Pakistan,we also found the head quarters of the Eastern Air Command.

Everthing comes to an end after the rigrous day and night 24X7 work for 4 weeks at the end of which I go back with a recommendation from my professor and lot of new experiences that I would imbibe from the life of an IITian.The experience gave me many new qualities greatest learning was that you don’t need a teacher to learn a subject when you have the best infrastructure.